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Tel:0755-84010843 84010344
Address:Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Bai Nankeng community Hengdong Ling Road on the 3rd


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Cross-border & global marketing

With years of effort exerted, we manage to establish a sound global three-dimensional marketing system.
Mao Xiong’s products are now exporting to the United States, Britain, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore.

Urban enterprises symbiotic sample: Shenzhen Maoxiong change the way
Diversification of the inevitable: Shenzhen Maoxiong multi-way vegetable cultivation project
Notice about the organization participating in the 2017 Cologne International Food Fair (ANUGA)
Consultation on Invitation to Participate in the 2017 China Food (Brazil) Brand Exhibition
March 16, 2017 company headquarters staff held "occupational disease prevention and treatment lectures."
March 15, 2017 held "safety first aid knowledge" lectures.

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