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Shenzhen Maoxiong Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Mao Xiong Industrial Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise including   production, processing, storage and distribution, all in one-go; equipped with high standards and modern facilities with an area over 10,000 square meters and cold storage over 30,000 square meters, farming areas of 30,000 mu. Far-sighted projections and actively involves in the international advanced management technology and production equipment, heavily invests in the establishment of large low-temperature processing workshops and cold-chain transportation fleet, and too with a team of high-quality workforce to ensure high quality and safety products be delivered to our customers.
Apart from supplying products locally we also export the United States, Canada, Britain, Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, more than 10 countries and regions, at the same time, we are expanding our import of vegetables and fruits globally.

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    Tel:0755-84010843 84010344
    Address:Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Bai Nankeng community Hengdong Ling Road on the 3rd

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