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Mao Xiong base (Yunnan) green vegetables

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Mao Xiong Group Yunnan base is located in Qujing City, Yunnan Province Zhanyi County Songlin Village, the company name: Yunnan Province Qujing Mao-hung modern agriculture Limited. Qujing City, Yunnan Province is a city without a main industry, rich in water resources, green rate, the atmosphere is also one of the best in China.
Mao Xiong Yunnan farm covers an area of 4000 acres, all the use of mechanized cultivation, production, use of green planting methods, Mao Xiong Yunnan farm and the country issued a green vegetable certificate.

The difference between green vegetables and conventional vegetables
1, conventional vegetables are the use of modern scientific methods of cultivation, such as the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and conventional vegetables on the use of chemical fertilizers without any restrictions and standards;
2, green cultivation is to follow the principle of sustainable development, in accordance with the specific production methods, the authority of the certification, the use of green food signs of pollution-free safety, quality, nutrition food. Non-polluting, safe, high quality, nutrition is the characteristics of green food, pollution-free means in the green food production and processing, through close monitoring, control, prevention of pesticide residues, radioactive substances, heavy metals, harmful bacteria and other aspects of food production Of the pollution to ensure that the green food products clean.
3, green vegetables refers to the environmental quality in line with the provisions of the standard production, the production process does not use any harmful chemical synthesis of substances, according to specific operating procedures for production, processing, product quality and packaging by testing, testing meet specific standards, and authority Agency that permits the use of green food logo products.
4, not all vegetables can be called green vegetables, green vegetable cultivation should be issued by the state of green planting certificate, the certificate to go through the land pollution-free detection, harmful bacteria and other aspects of testing, strict quality requirements.

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